Our business concept

Who we are:

  • B2C is a small family owned company located close to Frankfurt am Main Airport
  • B2C stands for Bernhagen t(w)o Chemistry
  • B2C represents foreign fine chemical producers in selected European countries
  • B2C is not a broker or a trader
  • B2C is the sales representative of our partners on a contractual basis


What is our business concept:

  • B2C promotes the products and technologies of our partners
  • B2C selects the right partner, depending on the molecule you are looking for
  • B2C is a facilitator – we integrate the chemical-technical capabilities of our partners in your inquiry
  • B2C’s partners deliver a range of valuable raw materials and value added intermediates from gramm to kilogramm to multitons
  • We do not offer APIs but intermediates coming from GMP like facilities


What do we stand for:

  • Flexibility and reliability
  • Technical and regulatory support
  • We take our time to serve you
  • Conservative Innovators

Please feel free to send your respective enquiry to: info@b2c-chemistry.de
We will get back to you in the next 48 hours after receipt of your request.