As a business concept B2C-Chemistry GmbH is representing foreign Fine Chemicals producers in Germany and other European countries. Through our partnering companies, we are offering a broad range of valuable raw material and value added intermediates, which are being used in a multitude of applications.

All our partners are experienced in custom manufacturing and deliver from gram – to kilogram – to multi-ton range. Please find the list of technologies being used which gives you a flavor of their capabilities.

B2C-Chemistry represents a company that focuses on custom synthesis of natural products and extraction of niche products in the natural space. Niche products are smaller molecules that are not elsewhere available in the market and not mass produced.

  • B2C-Chemistry GmbH is strong in the following areas:

    • Ketones by Vapor Phase Reaction
    • Enzymatical Reactions
    • Cryogenic Chemistry
    • Pyridine Derivatives
    • Nitro-Aromates
    • BuLi Chemistry
    • Extraction with supercritical CO2
    • Small molecule route scouting
    • Multi Step Synthesis
    • Process development
    • Scale up and Manufacturing
  • Our business values:

    •          Delivery
    •          Flexibility
    •          Reliability
    •          Technical Support
    •          Regulatory Support
    •          Confidentiality
    •          Business Integrity

We also offer sourcing support in China and India.
Your respective inquiries are highly welcome.