As a business concept B2C-Chemistry GmbH is representing foreign Fine Chemicals producers in Germany and other European countries. Through our partnering companies, we are offering a broad range of valuable raw material and value added intermediates, which are being used in a multitude of applications. Our Amino Acids and Peptides are predominantly used in Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics. All our partners are experienced in custom manufacturing and deliver from gram – to kilogram – to multi-ton range. Please find the list of performed chemical reactions together with the range of reagents being used which gives you a flavor of their capabilities.

  • B2C-Chemistry GmbH is strong in the following areas:

    • Chloroalkylamine Chemistry
    • Boron trichloride amine complexes
    • Cyclopropyl Chemistry
    • α-Methyl and N-Methyl Amino acids
    • Small molecule route scouting
    • Process development
    • Scale up
    • Manufacturing
  • Our business values:

    •          Delivery
    •          Flexibility
    •          Reliability
    •          Technical Support
    •          Regulatory Support
    •          Confidentiality
    •          Business Integrity

We also offer sourcing support in China and India.
Your respective inquiries are highly welcome.